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Our Services

Immigrate Legal, a full service immigration law consulting firm is committed to providing its customers professional advice to facilitate seamless entry into Canada. Our immigration and visa services include advice for all cadres of potential immigrant aspirants. However, we are particularly favored for our expertise in ensuring Canada immigration for business class immigration.

Immigration Services for Business/Investor Class


Business Immigration

The business immigration facility is intended to attract successful entrepreneurs who have the intention and ability to own and manage a business in Canada, which generates revenues and employment. If you are looking to immigrate as an entrepreneur, self employed person, or an investor there are several avenues for you to choose from and Immigrate Legal can guide you on those.

Our services are not just limited to helping businessmen with getting a visa or immigration, but we have a hand holding approach and ensure that the business is successfully set up and help you to settle.

How Immigrate Legal can help:

  • Doing it right the first time – We help avoid delays as our experts guide you through the immigration and visa application process;
  • Preparations - We conduct mock interviews to ensure you are best prepared for the real interview during the immigration process;
  • Establish your business on a strong footing – We introduce you to business consultants, various business owners, bankers, insurance agents, real estate agents, local government and semi-government organizations who are helping new immigrants in setting up business and also provide financial help. We also introduce you to your community organizations so that you feel comfortable and get all the help to settle down early in a foreign land;
  • Business Acquisition and Negotiations - If you are looking to acquire a business, we can help you find one. We shall also assist in negotiating the business terms;
  • Legal Services – We provide legal services in buying and selling businesses;
  • Set up your Business – We can introduce you to suppliers and agents, traders and bankers;
  • Investment advice – We guide you on investing in real estate or business and help you find the right property or business.


Federal Class - Start up Visa Program

To promote innovative businesses, Canada has started accepting applications under its new Start-up Visa program which aims to attract entrepreneurs from around the world who have ideas for new business ventures. Under the Start-up Visa program, entrepreneurs are given permanent residency and connected with business partners. Immigrate Legal has expertise in handling such visa applications.

Federal Skilled Trades Class

Federal Skilled Trades Class (FSTC) is intended to allow licensed tradespersons to come to Canada as Permanent Residents. The occupation list has been designed to reflect current labour market needs that can energize Canada’s economy. We can help you craft your application, which should improve the odds of success.

Federal Class-Spousal Sponsorship

While going for spousal sponsorship, there is lot of stress that people undergo in adhering to the complicated process in this family category application. With Immigrate Legal, you can be sure that your application will be processed correctly the first time. We are committed to ensure this so that you and your spouse can enjoy your life together in Canada as soon as possible, without even undergoing the typical stressful immigration related procedures.

Other Immigration Services


Avail Permanent Resident Status 

Immigration Legal can help students and holders of Canadian Work Permit get permanent resident status under the Canadian Experience Class cases immigration category.

Student Visa

Immigrate Legal also offers services for young aspirants who are looking to study in Canada. We help them:

  • Select the right educational course
  • Select the right educational institute to study in Canada
  • Offer guidance on admission and application process
  • Sail through visa application process
  • Find the right student accommodation


Visitor Visas

If you are a tourist or a temporary worker interested in visiting Canada, Immigrate Legal can advise you on which category of visa you should apply for. Depending on where you live and the reason for your visit, we will guide on the entry requirements and filling the right visitor visa application.

Renewal of Permanent Residence Card

The Permanent Residence Card or the Maple Leaf Card is valid for five years and those willing to renew their cards can rely on the expertise of Immigrate Legal. We are well aware of the complications that may arise in a renewal for reasons such as breach of residential obligations / criminal allegation / inaccurate or erroneous applications. Immigrate Legal’s knowledge of CIC requirements and proficiency with immigration applications and processes will help you avoid delays, refusals and a possible loss of permanent resident status.

Obtaining Canadian Citizenship

Immigrate Legal can educate and advise you on gaining prestigious Canadian citizenship. The obvious requirements that you need to fulfill include - you must have lived in Canada for at least three years (1,095 days) out of the four years (1,460 days) preceding your application. Besides, you would also need to have stayed as a permanent resident for a minimum of two years.

Employment Services

Companies scouting for professionals, who can work in Canada, can rely on the expertise of Immigrate Legal to identify for them potential employees. We have a global reach and can help companies in executing the complete process - right from advertising for the relevant position, to resume screening, interviewing candidates and finally conducting a background check on the shortlisted candidates.

Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP)

Quebec Immigrant Investor program is an easy immigration option for high net-worth investors that don’t want to run a business in Canada but are open to passive investment. Under the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program, potential investors with a minimum personal net worth of CDN $1,600,000 and an ability to invest a minimum of CDN $800,000 in the form of a loan to the Canadian Government can gain permanent immigration. The potential investor also need to have prior management experience either in legal farming, commercial or industrial business, or in a legal profession for at least two of five years preceding the application. The management experience has to be related to planning, management and control of financial resources and of human or material resources.

The Canadian Government will invest your CDN $800,000 in a term note which is guaranteed by the Government of Quebec. The money, without interest, is returned back to you after 5 years. The interest generated out your money will primarily be given to local corporations in the form of grant. Thus the investment is used in the development of Canada and in lieu, the immigrant application is accepted without taking into account all the criteria’s that have to be met for other types of immigration. Also, the regular immigration timeline and quotas will not apply to immigrant investor and his direct family.

Immigrate Legal can help potential investor immigrant aspirants manage the complicated application procedure to successful qualify under this category.


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