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Immigrant Nominee Program ("INP")

Applicant's Personal Information
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Contact Information
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Passport Details
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Have you traveled to Canada or the USA previously? : Yes No
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Family Details
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Work or Employment Information
Name And Type of Business :
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Applicant's Education
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Management Experience
From To Name Of Company Job Duties Average Salary
Your Specialist Skills
Business Category
Under the SINP, you can move to Canada and settle in Saskatchewan as a business entrepreneur.
Business Category:

A minimum net worth of $300,000 Canadian Dollars (CDN) that can be verified. You can move to Saskatchewan if you establish a business with a minimum investment of CDN$150,000.00.

Alternatively, you can enter into a joint venture or partnership in a Saskatchewan business and to take on a managerial role in that business if you own at least one third of the business, or make an investment of at least CDN$500,000.00.

a) Do you intend to establish a business? If so, do you have a preference regarding the type of business? Please provide details. (For example: retail, hospitality, restaurant, fast food, manufacturing, health sector, services etc)
b) Alternatively, do you wish to invest in an existing business as a partner? If so, please provide details.
c) Do you have a minimum net worth of CDN$300,000.00? Yes No
d) Do you have a minimum of 3 years experience in managing or running a business? Yes No
e) Do you have up-to-date financial statements for your existing business? Yes No
f) Please provide us with a brief summary of any business plan you have in mind for your new business in Saskatchewan. (Attach separate sheet if require)
Exploratory Trip To Saskatchewan
a) Do you need an invitation from GPC Capital Corporation to get a Visitor Visa to visit Saskatchewan? Yes No
b) Will anyone other than the main applicant make the exploratory trip to Saskatchewan? Yes No
c) When do you wish to schedule the exploratory trip to Saskatchewan?
d) You will be responsible for your own expenses on this exploratory trip to Saskatchewan. Do you have any special requests during your exploratory trip?
e) Available Investment amount in CD$
f)Available Start-up funds in CD$
Resume :*

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